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Eric Callaway

I hate Osama Barak. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!! Sean Hannity for President motherfuckers. Yeah, I said it!!! Fuck Hillary too!! Laura Ingraham for first lady!!! I hope they have little Hannity-Ingraham babies with little Ronald Regan faces. I hope Bill O'reilly gets voted in for vice president. and then I hope Slash gets voted in for secretary of state, but Slash would never be anyones fuckin secretary, cause he ain't no bitch bitches!! Hell, yeah!!! Fuck all yall motherfuckers!!!(gulping beer, passing out)

Jack Diederich


Obama's "Unity" is just a campaign slogan. If recent elections are any indication the new president will win with %50 of the vote, give or take 1%.

As your token conservative commenter I have to say that the odds of Obama unifying the country are exactly zero. Hope, Change, and Unity in the service of what? Obama is more sincere than Hillary but there isn't much policy difference between them.

Just be greatful you have liberals running on the Democrat ticket. On the right we have no conservative running on the Republican one.

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