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By the end of this post, I had a tear in my eye. I am 10 years older and I feel exactly the same way. I am inspired by Barack Obama and I (almost desperately) want him to win now because he feels like such an inspiration to us.


I believe that you have lived under a president that inspires. George W. is one of the greatest presidents this country has seen. Wouldn't you Agree???



My thoughts exactly. I've watched the video several times, and it never fails to give me goosebumps.


Want to talk about goosebumps, you should watch George W. give any speech. He is brilliant in every way. He has done a lot for this country, and has not done anything that the past presidents have done.


Do you really want to see someone like Obama or Hillary destroy all that George W. Bush has built for America? If it wasn't for wire taps, preventive declarations of war, and the great measures taken to protect our great country, we'd all be dead right now from terrorist attacks. NOBODY on the left side of the aisle has the intestinal fortitude and integrity that George W. Bush has proven in his two terms as President of the United States of America. I only wish he could give us one more term so that he could finally catch Bin Laden.

Go Giuliani '08!


I have to ask Jason, are you being serious or Sarcastic? Because it is true, without the wire taps and other great things George has done for us as Americans, we WOULD be dead. Everyone bad mouths him and all he has done is help us be free. If everyone had a little George W. in them this country would be a utopia.


Justin, I am 100% serious. W is one of the greatest presidents we have had in modern times. I am tired of people trying to downplay his success in the War on Terror. Gore would have curled up in a corner and cried on 9/11. Actually, he probably would have pursued the culprits, but only because of the pollution that was released into the air by the smoke coming from the buildings. Kerry would have pulled our troops out of Iraq if he was elected and the people of Iraq wouldn't be making progress toward a great Democracy like ours! Because of Bush, we are the safest we have ever been and we might have a great trade relationship with the Middle East one of these days because W saw that the Iraqi people needed to be liberated.

And give me a break about Obama. If he is elected president then the streets will run with the blood of murdered babies and my paychecks will shrink from all of the money I'm paying toward social programs like universal healthcare. It's really easy to make catchy videos and promise the people "Hope" and "Change" but it's a lot harder to actually do something positive for the American people. I don't think Obama has a clue what to do if he is elected. I will give him credit for being an excellent speaker. That brings me to a question: If Obama is elected, will any criticism of him over the next 4/8 years be labeled as racist? Methinks so.


The above comment was directed at Ted, not Justin, but I agree with you too, Justin!


I think it says a lot that praise for Bush works better as satire.


I think it says a lot that I can't get an answer from anybody on why they like Barack Obama other than "change" and "hope." Or "Because Oprah said so."

Ted McPott

I think Jason nailed it. I bet people like Jesse can't even tell me what Clinton and Obama stand for. They just know that the two of them running is causing controversy so therefore they better vote for one or the other.

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