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Just stopping by to say hi! Haven't been by in a while. It's good to see you and Lori posting regularly again! I missed you guys!!

Jack Diederich

Mistake #1: If you are waiting to strike until last call you have already lost.

Mistake #2 Unless your wingman is a magical Asian guy who can jump the bar in a split second (as in the video) then you should have followed rule #1.

Errata: I've been out and about enough that It has happened that #1 I waited too long and #2 I did have a nearly magical asian wing man (you are a good man Eddie). Still and all, don't do that if you want to prosper.


Oh man... I friggin' love this thing. I found it on Funny or Die a few weeks ago and STILL can't get enough of it. I made the comment that I might love it more than I love my kids...

Nice blog. Saying 'hi'.

Humor Girl

Whoa! December 18? What's the dealio?

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