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alfreda beasley

I read your story about Aaron Brown in early November, it was the first I think out there that gave somewhat of the story. I sent an e-mail to cnn and now hate cnn for releasing Mr.Brown. Perhaps, this is the best thing for him to do is to get away from a network that does not appreciate a world class journalist.

Aaron Brown Fan

It warms my heart to know that so many people were such big fans.

I always liked him because he seemed like the kind of guy you could go outside and have a smoke and a witty conversation with.

I miss him a lot.

Patricia Snow

CNN is all about revealing the truth, but the truth is, there has been no story on the firing of Aaron Brown, beyond the usual pablum about his "spending more time with his family." He has disappeared without a ripple and that troubles me most. I have heard a rumor that he was fired for refusing to go to LA--? I do not think he left CNN willingly--he obviously loved his job. And we loved him. But he was also angrier the last few weeks than I have ever seen him. Freely expresssed his views. Because the writing was on the wall and he had nothing to lose? Or, was that why he was fired. It would be nice to have answers.


Mr. Brown represented, for me, a quality old-school news anchor that looked good in Banana Republic clothes. I recall my sophomore year at Villanova watching Brown’s emotional and articulate broadcast on Sept. 11 with the smoldering towers in the backdrop. From that moment on I was loyal ever since.

It’s a sad time for CNN loyalist. It seems anymore that the network is selling out to yuppies like the Vanderbilt connected Cooper, whom I cannot stand.

I knew Aaron Brown years ago as a newscaster for our local news here in Seattle. I then became "reacquainted" with him on 9/11. His compassionate coverage of that horrible time made me a huge fan. I don't understand why he was let go by CNN. His energy, his way of speaking the truth, was refreshing and calming amidst the sensationalistic journalists we are subjected to. CNN made a mistake.

We turned on CNN every night at our time to hear AAron Brown. We now no longer turn CNN on for that news segment, we have nothing against Anderson Cooper they should have left him where he was and then we could have watched both!!

Diane McKeel

So what is the real story? I turned in to CCN one night and no Aaron Brown. I missed what reasons CNN gave for leaving?

Matt Pasztalaniec

Aaron Brown deserved better treatment tnan what he received. My wife and I looked forward to watching his program each night. Not so now. Aaron was a sensitive, intelligent,incisive journalist who had a heart.One could actually see when he was visably upset about a story he had to report that was plain cruel or inhumane. Aaron was not afraid to show emotion: that's what endeared him to us.
I was prompted to go on line to see if I could learn why Aaron was no longer the anchor on CNN. My golfing buddies kept asking " what happened to him?" Now I know -- and I am ashamed of CNN. Hopefully Aaron will appear as an anchor on another network. We will be there to watch and enjoy our friend every night.
I guess CNN just did not appreciate a class act when they had one
Matt Pasztalaniec

Lois Malan

Me and my husband miss seeing Aaron Brown everynight on CNN. We want to know what happened to him. Does Anyone know?

Howard Stoner

Of all the news achors on all the networks, both broadcast and cable, I thought Aaron Brown the most thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful. I presume that ratings drove this decision, but if ever there was a case where what the audience ought to have outweighs what the audience thinks it wants, this is that case. I'm afraid that Anderson Cooper is a very inadequate substitute for Aaron Brown.

Sharon Mason

Why was nothing ever said as to why Aaron Brown is no longer on CNN. We enjoyed watching him and would like to know some answers.

Margot Childers

Aaron Brown was the reason I began watching CNN. I thought he was first class all the way and miss him so much. I also really liked Bill Hemmer on the morning show. Why did the 2 best in my opinion leave CNN. I no longer watch CNN at all. Everyone else on CNN sounds exactly the same - a lot of hype and no heart. I hope Aaron goes with another network - he is a winner!

Nola Crewe

What has happened to Aaron? Surely someone knows what really happened . . . and where are we going to find him next. He is too good to lose. He was, by far, the best CNN had. Whatching ANderson Cooper is like seeing a gnome trying to play Santa: far too minuscule and insipid to fill the shoes.

Daryl Jamieson

Only in the past 2 weeks viewing cnn have I been wondering - where's Aaron? Is he on a much deserved extended vacation? Was there some crisis at the network? For me, his journalistic presence goes way back before 9/11, when as a youngster in Vancouver Canada, I watched daily feeds of the Seattle news stations. I appreciated him then, I appreciated him more on 9/11, and that appreciation has grown and matured the same way he did in the role of cnn's nightly anchor. I hope that Anderson Cooper has the same kind of appreciation for Aaron, who supported him on air in his fledgling days - these are big shoes to fill, they will never quite be worn the way Aaron jumped in and wore them. As for cnn, what were you thinking? - hardly a mention, I mean even Novak for crying out loud has been slotted for a final cnn special interview after all his bombastic disgrace. I'm sure Larry King must just be pissed with the whole affair. Time Warner has again done what even Ted Turner would find unthinkable.

Derek Nogiec

Here in Canada many of us are fans of great news coverage on CNN and this is clear with so many questions for Larry King coming from the great white north.

We, also, ask 'what happened to Aaron Brown??'. Certainly CNN's handling of this situation is terrible and Anderson just doesn't give the credibility that we got used to from Aaron!

I hope we soon learn the REAL NEWS.

Joel and Susan

I don't know what happened to Aaron Brown. I do know this. I used to watch my clock and make sure I was home by 7 every evening (and often would set to record the show if I was to be away). Now, the 'fluff' they have replaced Aaron with - Anderson Crapper - just don't cut it. I don't even watch that fluffy entertainment show that used to be the evening news nor does my wife. Evidently, someone high up at the CNN network made a very bad decision... and we are all much poored for it. But, we will watch the bow tied dude on MSNBC now before we watch Anderson Crapper...

Claire Hamlin

"Grieving" might be too strong a word but honest to god that's how I've been feeling since November. I watch very little news coverage these days, and am not nearly as well informed as when Aaron Brown talked to me every week night at 10. I cannot bring myself to even watch CNN.

There is a certain validation of my feelings in surfing the internet and finding hundreds of others who, like me, feel the void in their lives.

Aaron, wherever you are, I hope you will come back into our homes again soon with your raised eyebrow that said volumes, your obvious love of newspapers, and the most beautiful attention to the language I have ever enjoyed.

On second thought, "grieving" is the perfect word.

Bruce Miller

Shame on you CNN/Time Warner...! What were you thinking, dumping Aaron in favor of AC? From a once aspiring Journalist, you made an enormous mistake. Why didn't you consult Mr. King, he'd have set you straight. I can even see the disappointment in his demeanor as he tries to gracefully transition his show to AC's. You missed the opportunity to develop a news icon that could have been as legendary as ER Murrow or Walter Cronkite!

Jane and John Upp

We really miss Aaron Brown and wonder where he is and why CNN let him go for Anderson Cooper who is a nice guy but can't hold a candle to the professionlism of Aaron Brown, and certainly not as articulate. So, where is he? Also, CNN is not doing "news" with Anderson, so why call it news? It is "entertainment" which, ofcourse, it isn't.

kathleen jacobson

replacing aaron brown with anderson cooper (who i have nothing against) seems so unbelievable. he was so great - i'm 60 now and can't remember any news personality that i've liked better. as far as i'm concerned cnn is missing a cog somewhere.

dianne newcity

I cannot begin to express how angry we are at CNN and their continued replacement of good people. The straw that has broken the camels back is the loss of Aaron Brown. He was in a league with Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather ...just to name of a few recent anchors. I was a 100% watcher of CNN...not anymore.

And what is the deal with Fox??? They now sign off "Fair, Balanced and Unafraid". What in the heck does "unafraid" mean. Is CNN afraid to broadcast 'real' news?

MImi  KLuge

I have not heard why CNN replaced Aaron Brown on the nightly news. I do know that this is a horrendous mistake and his compassionate and personal manner of presenting the news is missed by millions of people. I choose not to listen to CNN because of this, as do many, many people I know. Aaron, wherever you are, I hope one of our more responsible, appreciative, and intelligent networks gets you back into our living rooms!!!!

Claire Hamlin

I'm not sure where I would find these stats, but I am curious. Does anyone out there know what kind of numbers CNN is putting up since Aaron was silenced? Unfortunately, I'm still seeing most restaurant and other public televisions turned to Fox. (Of course I live in the South.)It would be indeed gratifying to learn that CNN didn't gain much ground over Fox at all, despite their November housecleaning.

Kitty Sheorn

Aaron Brown was "my hero", he converted me to CNN nightly news. There was something so real about him. I've lost interest in CNN News since his leaving. His knowledge of news worthy topics and how he interacted with his guests was special. He treated everyone with a high level of respect, and it appeared that they held that same level for him also. I enjoyed his humor, smile and the fact that he didn't "over-react". What a loss! Kitty Sheorn/Camden, SC


Aaron Brown was a class act. He was probably the most authentic newsperson in the industry. Given a few more years on the job, he probably would have taken the title of "most trusted man in America" from that other fellow. I am very surprised that he hasn't turned up on Fox or MSNBC. And I am wondering what he is doing today. Does anyone know?

Aaron Coleman

The very reason I watched CNN was because of Aaron Brown....I stayed up mornings to watch him when he was at ABC.
Smart, witty, and always engaging.
While I like Wolf and Anderson, the only thing worthwhile about CNN is Jack Cafferty...a real watchdog.
Cannot stand Paula Zahn, who used to be here in Houston (when she had a brain) ACC

Julie Simon

Like so many others, I've been a CNN junkie and most especially an Aaron Brown junkie since 9/11...But after their UNIMAGINABLE, HORRIBLE decision to replace Aaron Brown with Anderson Cooper...Well, I can't prove it with numbers but CNN ratings are equal to ZERO in my home now...It's all C-SPAN, MSNBC (Olbermann), and Jon Stewart. Sorry, CNN...That was a really shitty move on your part and it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

I miss you, Aaron. You deserved better and I know you'll find it.

Every once in a while I think, why didn't anyone do anything about Aaron Brown's "passing" --- why wasn't there a huge protest or something? My husband and I loved Aaron Brown and were shocked that CNN booted him. Aaron, where are you? Where can we find you now? Please don't give up, start your own talk show or something...... please. The US needs you.

James J. Peters

Aron Brown is something special in the world of tv journalism - it's difficult to understand CNN's motivation in moving from Brown to Cooper, but corporate decisions of this magnitude puzzle many of us. My wife and I continue to look forward to the time when astute programing brings Aron Brown back into our homes! Jim Peters

John Nichol

Here it is, Super Bowl Sunday, the not too interesting game is over; but still time to catch an airing of Larry King and Arron Brown before retiring. This should have been what transpired tonight rather than what happened, namely the game ended and the TV was turned off. In the past our TV was primarily tuned to CNN coverage, but not today. Consciously or unconsciously the migration from CNN slowly occurred after the abrupt departure of Arron Brown. Not knowing why, I at first thought Arron Brown might be on vacation, later with the passage of time the thought of personal reasons emerged. Never had I considered it to be some dense, misguided CNN decision. Hopefully, Aaron Brown will once again grace our television screens and we can once again have the feeling that a good,decent,person to be trusted is giving it to us "straight". It's hard for me to comprehend CNN's thinking or more likely, lack of thinking.

John Nichol

Here it is, Super Bowl Sunday, the not too interesting game is over; but still time to catch an airing of Larry King and Arron Brown before retiring. This should have been what transpired tonight rather than what happened, namely the game ended and the TV was turned off. In the past our TV was primarily tuned to CNN coverage, but not today. Consciously or unconsciously the migration from CNN slowly occurred after the abrupt departure of Arron Brown. Not knowing why, I at first thought Arron Brown might be on vacation, later with the passage of time the thought of personal reasons emerged. Never had I considered it to be some dense, misguided CNN decision. Hopefully, Aaron Brown will once again grace our television screens and we can once again have the feeling that a good,decent,person to be trusted is giving it to us "straight". It's hard for me to comprehend CNN's thinking or more likely, lack of thinking.

Another Aaron Brown Fan

The world would be better off if there were more people like Aaron Brown. CNN, whatever were you thinking? Do you not care what your viewers want? It would be nice to have an explanation of the dismissal of the greatest news anchor you've ever had.

Aaron, if you're reading this, I want you to know you are missed. Let us know where you are! Make an application to Fox!! They have the best! You would look great there!

carol ann hess

It saddens me that Aaron Brown is no longer on CNN. As a single mother, I was not alway able to watch his show, but when I did, I felt that he kept me well informed. Anderson Cooper seems to be doing well at this job, BUT, HE IS NO AARON BROWN

It was cruel and cold the way CNN let Aaron
Brown go..he was a seasoned, warm and very
informative newscaster and if your ratings
fall it will be because of viewers not being
able to tune into Aaron for the news....I hope and am certain he will land a anchor's
job with another network. He definitely
deserves it and would be a definite asset to
any networks newscast.

Jane Perry

Aaron Brown was the reason I started watching CNN and his departure is why I quit! Seems too many media mogules want to cater to the lowest common denominator ala Jerry Springer and as seen from their little corner of the USA. Some excitement? The adjective used by a Chicago paper to describe the next days weather was enough for me! The is too much hyper-activity in newscasting, especially from those channels farther down the dial. They make conclusions without full information as Cooper whats his name was doing in New Orleans. May we be saved from too much rumor given as factual stories and from too much shrill interruption of guests to force ones own view-point. I hope Mr. Brown reads these testimonies of grief for his absence. Besides he was from Minnesota - a very level headed egualitarion state! Go Gophers!

Susana Torres

I can't believe that CNN fired Aaron Brown, He was the BEST they had... I read He's fired because they wanted someone younger or more good looking; hello! Aaron Brown not only was a very bright guy but also very handsome... too bad CNN let him go.

L. Lawless

I must say that I have never filled out anything like this before on the net, but I feel that Mr. Aaron Brown helped people around the world when 9/11 happened. He helped us all try to deal with the enormous tragedy that was occurring in front of our eyes. Mr. Aaron Brown is the reason I started to watch the news again. He is real. BRING HIM BACK.......

Gigi Ryan

I've watched Aaron Brown since he was a news anchor in Seattle and loved seeing him go "big time". He deserved it and he didn't seem to change when the spotlight got bigger. The loss of his news reporting at CNN still hurts and I wish one of the big news agencies would entice him back. He was always the one you felt was sitting across the table from you discussing the news.

Keith Maloy

This country must;
1. Get out of Irag.
2. Save our ports from the UAE.
3. Bring back Aaron Brown CNN.

Carol Gibbons

I was wondering what happened to Aaron Brown. I just found out that CNN let him go. I can't beleive it! I looked forward to watching him every evening after Larry King. He presented himself so very well, as if I knew him personally. I really miss him and hope you will come to your senses and get him back on CNN.



linda Shivery

Have we all taken the advice from the one writer earlier who urged us all to write CNN???? The feedback site can be found at Contact Us on Let's innundate them with the fact that
"I/we won't watch CNN without Aaron Brown and would like you to bring him back"

I like many other people miss Aaron immensly. We no longer watch CNN after Larry King. What is there to watch! Aaron, wherever you are, I wish you nothing but happiness, just like the many hours of happiness we enjoyed watching you. I hope someday we will be able to turn on the television and find you there right before our very eyes. We miss you something awful and hope that you are well and happy.

mary thomason

I loved Aaron Brown. I miss him ever so much. Doesn't CNN know a good thing when they find it. No one told the stories of 9/11 with more human emotion than he did. I looked forward every night to see him. Now, honestly there's a big void that "anderson cooper" can NOT fill. Please let CNN know how much we all miss Aaron Brown. He was thier best. By the way, where is Aaron these days? I know he just didn't fall off the face of the Earth.

Julie Simon

Come back to us, Barbara Lewis, Hara Krishna, Boulevard...

Where in the world are you, Aaron Brown? We miss you.

Darr Fedderson

There is something very odd about the way Aaron Brown just disappeared from CNN and hasn't been heard from for the past several months. Why hasn't another network hired him? How can someone that talented just vanish? What the hell was CNN thinking to replace him with Anderson Cooper? In my opinion he was the best news anchor since Walter Cronkite. (sp?) We miss you, Mr. Aaron Brown, please come back soon!


Aaron Brown slept with my sister. He is a philanderer. If people only knew.

Anne Power

I am so glad I found this site. I too watched Aaron Brown's Newsnight.
I have watched him since 911. It was him that kept me watching Cnn. Before that I
never watched CNN. No one could do it any better then he could. He was the best.
I am sure hoping he was not dismissed from CNN like I am hearing. For that doesn't say much about that station.
I think other stations better get with it and if they want there ratings to go up in North America.....Hire Aaron Brown....
Aaron You are missed.......

Ruth & Bob May

It's nice to have this opportunity to state that many of us have not forgotten Aaron Brown. He is a genuine newsman, intelligent, urbane, and with a dry wit that really is a pleasure to see and hear. Loved his "Tomorrow Mornings Papers tonight" segment and his ability to deliver the news. News to us is NOT good-looking 30-40 some year olds being cute and bantering back and forth with each other. That's more in the talk show genre. Compounded by the fact that many times they can't read their prompters, or pronounce the names of people, places,or things, correctly. I understand this line of work is basically on-the-job training, but on NATIONAL NEWS?? There are on the spot news reports and there are anchors. Mr. Brown is one of the best anchors to arrive on the scene in the last several years. We hope he reappears on a National News Show soon, don't care if it's ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS, we just want him back.

zafar khan

I deeply miss the absence of great arron,witty,honestand nailing the truth weithout any bias.ideeply regret the decision of cnn, which has deprived a mature audiance of pardon my english.
i wish Arron best of luck.

Gary Porter

I am trying to find out what Mr. Aaron Brown is now doing. I thought that he was outstanding and really the "star" on CNN. He grew on me during the time he was there.

I keep searching on the internt to find out what station/network has hired him. I would like to see him on PPS or, as I Canadian, I would love to see him on CBC on CTV. I think that he would be an ideal fit on one of these three networks.

Kathy & Don

Where is Aaron Brown - we really miss him? Aaron, we live in Seattle WA and have not forgotten you. Don & Kathy


I don't miss him at all. I work at the Johnson Space Center and I remember all too well when he played golf during the Challenger accident.
When I saw him on TV I always felt like I needed a shower.
And apparently CNN felt the same way.

Wake up, people!

Ruth May

Aaron Brown's refusal to return to work to report the Challanger accident was probably an error in judgement, but certainly was not the CAUSE of the accident. The amount of reports (or the lack there of) didn't do anything except make the Space Program look pretty bad. I remember the discussion about the piece that couldn't possibly have caused the problem and later finding out that it did. I don't know what Mr. Brown was thinking while at his golf game, I just wish we could be more certain when we send people to space that they are as safe as they can be and have a good chance of returning unscathed.
AND WE STILL MISS AARON BROWN -- golf or no golf

Lorena Luth

I am 33 years old and I became a huge fan of NewsNight with Aaron Brown since his CNN debut on 9/11/01. I tuned in to this program every night just to see him and quirky behavior. I became hooked with the show and I would hurry home from my job so I can watch him. Since May 2003, I taped the program including breaking news using my VCR. I would watch them during my leisure and keep the best ones as archives.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2005, I saw the Associated Press headline stated “CNN’s Aaron Brown Leaving the Network.” I felt shock and disbelief. I printed articles from newspaper and media websites across the US including Minneapolis and Seattle via Google. I felt like a boyfriend abruptly breaks up with his girlfriend after four years.

I miss AB terribly and deeply after NN went off the air. Every night at 10 pm ET, I would look at pictures of him. I would go to sleep and dream about him all night.

I have not watched the final two weeks of NN via VHS tapes. I would wait to see if he is ready to return to work. If he comes back to television, I am ready to watch them. Then, I can tape his new news program.

I hope Aaron finds another anchor job so I can tape his new news program.

Gerry & Anne Nelson

We always enjoyed Aaron Brown's news, especially when he'd open the newspapers from various cities. By a stroke of luck, we found ourselves paired with him on the golf course...just as delightful and gracious in person as on TV. Introduced himself only as Aaron modest is that? We were further impressed, and really miss seeing him after Larry King.

Jane Jones

I'm so glad to find all these letters from others that miss Aaron Brown, as I do. I so enjoyed watching his broadcast after Larry King. Now, I still watch Larry King, but that's all I'll watch on CNN after what they did to my very favorite newscaster. Are they nuts, or what? He was the best thing CNN ever had. But, even more importantly than all this---WHERE IS HE?? and WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIM?? He just conveyed the image of such a nice human being who really cared about people and what was happening in the world around us. Gads, I wish he would return on SOME station again. I feel better now having my say. I did write to CNN about it, but that was like writing to nobody, as nobody responded! Jane

Carol McCracken

I still miss Aaron Brown. I have written to CNN. I think CNN's decision to replace him with Cooper is just one of the many disturbing deteriorating trends in our society. . .All in the name of progress????

Missing Arron Brown

My wife and I cannot believe we have sat back wondering about and missing Arron Brown on CNN. We thought he might be on a sabatical, taking some well deserved time off? We worried he might be ill? Like many who have commented, he was the reason we watched evening CNN. Tonight we have come to the internet to find out about our televison/ news friend and are saddened to hear CNN had organized Arron's departure. It is now April 17, 2006 and the last day we will watch CNN. Shame on us for not checking on Arron sooner and we await his return to television news. We trust him and his news coverage.

Linda Gialanella

I too miss Aaron terribly. I have not watched CNN since Anderson Cooper has taken over. Aaron Brown took us through 911 and we knew he felt just what we were feeling.
He never seemed to be off the air during that terrible time. He was and still is a
man of class. Hopefully, we will be seeing him very soon on a smarter station than CNN.

s. moreau

Where is Aaron Brown? I will no longer tune in to CNN.

anne mcnicholl

I have sent emails and 2 letter to CNN asking where is Aaron Brown and got no answer. I no longer watch CNN except for a little of Larry King, but I owuld look forward to Aaron. I am Canadian and wish he could get a job with one of our stations with a show giving us the US news through his interpretation. News not celebrity talk. Did Bush have anything to do with this vis a vis Warner. Nothing surprises me anymore. Aaron, if you read these, get hold of Mike Duffy on CTV NEws and get some air time in Canada. So many of us have wondered what happened to you. I have finally found this site, but the answers aren't what I want to herar. DID HE HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT SAYING HE WON'T DO NEWS BROADCASTS FOR A YEAR OR SO, IN ORDER TO GET A SEVERANCE PACKAGE? Does anyone know how he is doing, health wise etc. I miss him and his show, and I have maybe watched CNN 2-3 times since he had gone. Like a previous person, shame on you CNN


My husband & I miss Aaron Brown and enjoyed his nightly news reporting.
What the heck happened to him? I certainly think CNN should of shown more respect for him & his fan base by giving some explaination for his abrupt disappearance!


Susan Palmer

I am still hoping to see Aaron Brown reappear somewhere on network/cable or maybe Public Television that allows him to return as the excellent journalist that he is. I've stopped watching CNN in the evening and have tremendously reduced the time I watch CNN period because of the departure of Aaron Brown. CNN has never acknowledged my comments when Brown left and subsequent comments sent to them. The saturation of Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper is more than I can take. There is no one currently on network/cable that can replace Aaron Brown in my book. I hope he returns soon. Has anyone else recognized his voice on CNN voice-overs - particularly on some of the promos for Paula Zahn Now? I swear it sounds like his voice -wouldn't that be audacious of CNN?

Romi Elnagar

Aaron Brown's departure is a sad commentary on the trashy state of our so-called national news media. He was a warm, caring, gentle person and it was a joy to watch him comment on the news. He is sorely missed by our entire family

Carolyn Homer

I became a CNN viewer on Sept. 11 because of Aaron Brown. I have enjoyed his personality, reporting the news and interviews ever since and was extremely disappointed when CNN replaced him with Anderson Cooper. I am waiting for him to be picked up by another network but in the meantime I'm channel surfing between 10:00 and 11:00pm!

Sheila DeJarnett

OooooHHHHH where have you gone, Aaron Brown, AAron Brown, oh where have you gone charming Aaron?????????? Our household was bereft when Aaron Brown was fired by CNN! His everyman voice-of-reason is sorely missed on the national news front. While we appreciate Anderson Cooper in short bursts, he is too frenetic for every night--all the time! I thought I would get over it, but I have not. The likes of Mr. Brown's erudite, intelligent and insightful reporting, laced equally with deep knowledge of world affairs, compassion for the walking wounded USA, and a view of life closer to the commoner, is lost to us and we are the worse for it! America is just capitulating to the greed & profit value system. We will never feel again that we have truth without Mr. Brown's "glass" held up for us to peer through, darkly. God Bless him and give him a national Forum again (please!!!!)

Debra Schultz

I miss Aaron too! How can we get him back?
Not all change is good.

virginia Flores

Aaron Brown was the best Journalist of CNN.
Very soon they will see the mistake they made
by replacing Aaron with Anderson Cooper who
talks too much of the same subject.

Bob Beer

I'm a Fox news fan and only watched CNN for Aaron brown and now I don't watch it at all. I think it was disgraceful how CNN disrepected the only real class anchorman they ever had. In my heart Aaron was and still is a class act and I will miss him dearly.

terry siscoe

Arron, please don't wait till this old saying become true. " Out of sight out of mind". You are missed, and will always be missed as long as you don't reappear as our top news Casters. If you have returned to some form of TV NetWork, kindly let us know,
You are greatly missed. I hope this say's all from every one that feels the same, Sincerely Terry Siscoe, Hudson, Quebec Canada


Just another Aaron Brown fan, wondering whatever happened to him. AC is fantastic in the field, but looks uncomfortable in the studio. I know wherever Aaron Brown goes it will turn gold. I'd love to know what happened to him.


I loved watching Aaron also. I loved his finally at the end of his program with the news headlines for the following morning. I miss him and would really love to see how he would cover the events of today.
He smiled and laughed at himself on occasion and you don't see that at all now. I like Lou dobbs as well. Anderson is ok and I watch CNN to see his show but I really miss Arron Brown. So much so that I typed the question in on the CNN page "Whatever happened to Aaron Brown and found this blog page.
Aaron where ever you are Just let us know and I will tune in. Your conversations with Generals and wit made you special.


WHERE IS AARON BROWN? That's what I'd love to know! Whilst doing a search for "Aaron Brown" I came upon this web site.....nobody seems to know where he is working.....I thought that I heard thru the grapevine that Aaron had gone to Fox News...but checking out their site I don't see his name there. Unbelievable that some network hasn't scooped Aaron up......He was good! I enjoyed watching him, although I like Anderson Cooper...I cannot even look at Wolf Blitzer or Lou unattractive these men......and B O R I N G! If anyone knows where Aaron Brown has gone, please PLEASE tell me.
Thanks.....appreciate your help.


We just saw "World Trade Center" and hearing Aaron Brown's voice in the background throughout the movie made me remember how much I relied on him during those awful weeks in 2001 and how much I MISS HIM!! Where the heck is he? CNN blew it and went for the glamour boy.

mike Urquhart

I am still frustrated that Aaron is not on. To this day, I hope to see him when I flick to CNN. I too stopped watching CNN because of his departure. I am now watching Fox. I too would love to know what Aaron is doing now. Yes, what ever channel he is on, me and my family would watch it. He is brilliant and had a connection with his audience. As for CNN? Huge mistake! Anderson's ratings will die off too in the future. Its all very sad!


Now that I know cnn fired aaron brown I am disgusted. He was the best out there. I always felt his compassion and he always made me want to hear the story no matter what the topic was. He has been missed for almost a year. It is not the same without him.He'll probably do better without cnn seeing as they did not appreciate his profound journalism.

Art Arnao

I also liked watching Aaron on CNN. Now they have the windbag Lou Dobbs and the newscasts aren't fair and balanced as Fox News would say, they are extremely slanted against Bush & Company, it's so evident. Also, they have been advertising the war on the middle class - why does it take two incomes to get by and so forth. I'm tired of hearing it over and over for years. I now watch Fox until Aaron returns to another national newscast.

Ralph B

its too wonder how much brains these cnn producers have???how can u get rid of a such articulate,inteligent man as Aaron brown?
any one know where he is?what he is doing?

andrea mackris bill o' Reilly misstress said her boss who was brown at CNN was fired for sexual harassment.the harassment involved Gretta van sustern wanting a chair that brown was using for a guess.

andrea mackris bill o' Reilly misstress said her boss who was brown at CNN was fired for sexual harassment.the harassment involved Gretta van sustern wanting a chair that brown was using for a guess.

George Maxwell

The reason Mr. Brown was let go had nothing to do with his job performance. Clearly, viewers believed he was a top-notch newsman; they're right. CNN has many chiefs but far fewer indians (the ones we see on the tube). In the news industry, if you don't kiss the bosses' as*es just right, you can easily become part of the chopping block pool. (If you're a Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or Barbara Walters type, then the bosses are kissing your as*.) That's where up & coming Cooper excelled. Cooper a huge brown noser and Brown while very professional on set, did not get on his knees like Cooper did/does 24/7. Cooper is a well-known flamer among his colleagues, which had nothing to do with earning his way to a time slot. Cooper is not a bad newsman but he's devoid of Brown's charisma, charm, and insight. Brown simply did not kiss any or enough as*.

Julie Simon

I miss you, Aaron, and I hope you are well. You deserved so much better than you got and you deserve nothing but the best in your future. GO GET IT, AARON, and thanks for all that you've done for us.

never did like the sob and glad that arrogant sob is gone

jeff  yebei

We really need to know where Aaron Brown is..
The anchor's on evening TV leave us surfing from one channel to the next looking for palatable news presented in an intelligent way.I have stopped watching CNN.The entire evening news is seeming more like a poor apology of a soap opera


I miss you Aaron brown. We need answers cnn
iff you want to hold on to your viewers. Please do us the courtesy of an explanation or we may watch fox


Clearly to me Aaron Brown is an old soul. He resonated with his army of loyal news followers as human being with heart first and then uniquely as the dry witted soft spoken news anchor. Truly one of a kind, for what ever reason he has left CNN I consider it a great loss to the audience sitting in silent majority. Its just not the same without him. I appreciate the work ethic of replacement Anderson Cooper, but I think there is a lot of class that is not present now that Aaron is gone. I hope and wish all the best to Aaron and hope he resurfaces to transport his loyal fans to the special place where one experienced a one on one conversation, rather than a monolog from a network mouthpiece.


After all this time, I still miss Aaron Brown so I turned to the Web to find out where he is. I found this site. So many people feel the way I do. How I miss his calm, soothing voice and his intelligent commentary. I feel so angry that CNN removed him so suddenly. I do not like AC 360 and I can't wait for Aaron to surface again on another network so I can listen to him again. He is sorely missed by so many. CNN you made a hugh mistake.


After all this time, I still miss Aaron Brown so I turned to the Web to find out where he is. I found this site. So many people feel the way I do. How I miss his calm, soothing voice and his intelligent commentary. I feel so angry that CNN removed him so suddenly. I do not like AC 360 and I can't wait for Aaron to surface again on another network so I can listen to him again. He is sorely missed by so many. CNN you made a hugh mistake.

I still miss Aaron Brown

It's over a year, but I still wish I could find him in a nightly news analysis program. CNN must have listened to some erroneous advice - the comments on this site support the fact that many of us considered him to be among the best of the contemporary TV journalists. I do bypass CNN now more due to this hole in their evening line up.

Ron ? Maddy

Wow. What a loss to all of us who loved Aaron Brown. You may not be on CNN but we sure hope that you will reappear on some network some day. Aaron was one of the best News Anchors I have ever seen. Hope to see you soon. Ron & Maddy

Carol & David

We're still hoping Aaron Brown will pop up somewhere on a major national newscast. Since he left CNN that station has been unwatchable. Replacing him him with Anderson Cooper was a travesty. We keep hoping Ted Turner will re-purchase CNN and put things back in order.

Brown should have been brought in to replace Peter Jennings and the excellent Bob Scheiffer.

Thank goodness for Jim Lehrer & his crew on PBS.

Greg Lee

I like others, hope Aaron Brown shows up on someones network . He was the last voice of journalistic reason and actually cared for the stories he reported. His firing was a loss for CNN and the nation but CNN does not care anymore because the dont cater to viewers over 50 anymore. Who is next , Jack Cafferty , Wolf Blitzer. If I were you 2 guys , dont unpack your bags , dont buy a house or that vacation home . Save your pennies . By the way CNN stands for COOPER NEWS NETWORK .

Greg Lee
Raleigh NC


I think Aaron Brown is teaching journalism at Arizona State or some such place. Good for journalism students, bad for us. From what I have read, AC360 has yet to reach the same number of viewers as Newsnight had. I find malicious pleasure in that. He was the consummate professional during his last 2 weeks on the air with Cooper and you could see it shifting to the Anderson Cooper Show; even when the Anderson Cooper self-promotion segments were on. That takes class, something sorely lacking on the airwaves these days.


aaron brown was the greatest newscaster! I miss him and wish he would replace the jerk on abc that replaced another great newscaster, peter Jennings

Emily Kristjanson

My husband and I enjoyed Aaron Brown when he was in Seattle and saddened to see him go. We renewed our "tv" acquaintance when he went to CNN. I have been trying to find him for a long time. I am anxiously waiting to find out where I can hear him again. Anderson Cooper does not do justice to the news for me. (Besides, Aaron's dog's name was Emily as well - good choice!!) Emily and Sibbie Kristjanson in Seattle.


Aron Brown was a fresh breeze in the foul wind of competitive network news. He is the best.. and I sincerely hope some of the CEO's of the network news business will wake up to this. I am a retired broadcaster, and in my over 50 years of media expeience have found few who are qualified to even carry his laptop!


Aron Brown was a fresh breeze in the foul wind of competitive network news. He is the best.. and I sincerely hope some of the CEO's of the network news business will wake up to this. I am a retired broadcaster, and in my over 50 years of media expeience have found few who are qualified to even carry his laptop!

cindy fischer

I loved Aaron Brown ever since I saw/heard him on 9/11 - it was his first day at CNN and he was wonderful. CNN lost another viewer when they got rid of Aaron - Anerson just doesn't have it!


it has been ages since aaron brown dissappeared from our screen but if you are out there some where we just want you to know that your work was always the best on TV and we miss your down to earth Minnesota approach to delivering the news events of the day to us. thank-you from the bottom of our hearts

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