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I've read accounts of a few life-altering experiences in my day, but that... was... AWESOME.

Hurrah to you and the people who make the world a better place.


Well bless your hyperbolic heart! I am glad you had a good time.

My brother lives over in the gayborhood, just down from Sue Ellen's off of Congress. Actually, I call it the gaytto, but whatev. Suffice to say, I love that area of town for the same reasons. I've actually been contemplating a move o'er that direction.

The only gay bar I've been to in that area is the club formerly known as the Village. I hear its been re-vamped and I'd like to go again.

And per our discussion a few weeks ago, you've inspired me. And me with all my non-gay gayness, I've decided to consider San F. for a place I might like to live in a few years. Well, that's assuming I find a million bucks in the floor. Really, though, I've been entertaining ideas of grad school at UCSF. Shall we have a big meetup in Castroville?


Ah. You didn't tell me it was Suellens.

You sound like a kid that finally "got it" at a rave. The raver honeymoon period.


what a fantastic post!

i'll spare you the stories of misogynist gay bars for now (some of the worst are in SF, in the Castro!)...i don't want to ruin your buzz. but it sounds like you got a whiff of a certain kind of "Freedom", which is what we sex radical types want for everyone.

you are so rad, dylan.


Awesome post... but it doesn't excuse the whole standing me up the next night incident... I blame Carly. :-)

Ms. Q

This is a great post, Dylan! I used to go out to the gay bars in Dallas and, then later when I moved to California, in Long Beach and West Hollywood. I had very similar experiences. It was so excellent to dance and drink with HOT guys and not feel like any of them wanted to get in my pants. I could get an actual compliment or a free drink from a guy and not worry about whether he was expecting anything in return. I could totally be my geeky, dorky self and not feel self-conscious at all. It was so much more fun than going to straight bars. I am sure there are places that don't appreciate straight people invading their territory but I never had that happen. Those were some of the best times of my young adult life! Thanks for reminding me that there are still people out there like that.

sex stereotypes

I always stereotype that gay bars where not for straight people like me, always imagine that every person in the gay bar will hit or stare at me very strong, but I went with a girlfriend and wow what a cool place to party, they even look at cool article, thanks for sharing your experience.

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