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Pauly D

There's something very suspicious about this photo and I will use my photoshop skills to analyze the colors, shadows and lighting in order to determine if (a) this is you and (b) if there are people with cameras in the background.

If indeed there are, I will eat my words.

If not, you will have to arrange to videotape yourself doing the solo Pamchenko in the near future or the entire blogosphere will react in, most likely, a very negative way.


Absent any scientific proof as to the veracity of the photograph, the honus of proof is now on you.

It is well known in ice skating circles that the solo Pamchenko (or the "Soul Pam", as some are calling it now) is so difficult that only those at the top of their training could successfully land it. I was, at the time, at the top of my game. Now, at the age of 26 (which, as we know, is roughly 13 years too old for the sport of ice skating for women, and about 6 years to young for men... but I was an bright star who flamed, and then died early), I'm too old and not trained enough to even attempt a half Soul Pam, so re-creation is near impossible.

For further information, I contacted my old friend and American skating star, Scott Hamilton. "Scott," I asked, "Can I do the Solo Pamchenko?" His reply: "No."

So, you heard it from American Skating star Scott Hamilton: I cannot, at my advanced age, and, as he went on to tell me later, though off the record and therefor unrecorded, the my current physical state and the difficulty of such a maneuver ("That only you have ever done, ever... no one else, only you," he said, but again, off the record so I'm telling you that part from memory, as I'd put my tape recorder away), do the Solo Pamchenko.

Let me know how the investigation goes.


Toe pick!


I am speechless.

I can't decide which disturbs and delights me more. Pauly's "movie review" or your obvious Ice Skating HOAX and FRAUD.

Everyone knows that the only person to perform a Solo Pamchenko Twist is my sister's ice skating coach, Nikarina (just Nikarina-- like "Cher"). She did it in 1982, at the annual Robert Crown Center Nutcracker performance, and again in 1986 purely by serendipity while warming up for a class, and her partner was off flirting with the Zamboni guy.


Actually, I was asking myself, "if this picture was caught during the triumphant moment, amid a flurry of flashbulbs, why is there no, as you say, you?"

That's what I was asking myself.


I don't know WHAT you guys are talking about. This picture is totally me, and I'm offended that you are implying that it isn't!

Pauly D

I have given up on this whole thing. It just saddens me, like the over-abundance of steroid usage that there are people out there sullying the whole Ice Skating sport by lying about doing the Solo Pam.

My head is hung down in shame.

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