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Great post, Dylan. Here's my one qualm, and it's not just because you "grant" Adams' point:

"Isn’t Rebecca reinforcing the rapist’s view of a woman?"

I am no psychologist, but doesn't this miss the point that rape is about power rather than sex? This kind of odd rhetorical move treats rape like an act of fetishism rather than an act of violence. If this were the case, then Adams would be hard put to explain all the rapes of those without vaginas, wouldn't he?

And more to the point, surely Adams has noticed that there are myriad examples of groups of people reclaiming the perspectives and language with which people try to victimize them, and turning them around to make them an expression of identity and empowerment. So that even if he were correct here about that "perspective," there are legit political reasons for his student to appropriate it. But then, that requires an attention to context that seems absent from his other points as well.



That is an really excellent point, Collin.

And as to the point about turning around the language of victimization and making it empowering, that plays right into Adams' point in which he envokes the use of the "n" word. That is a perfect example of a word which previously victimized people have reclaimed and made wholly their own.

I wish I'd thought of that when writing the post, damnit.

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