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I don't think I explained myself very well in my own post. I think that the point was exactly what you said: she had made herself into something great and someone she could be proud of, and when that was taken away, she wanted to leave while she was still "on top" (for lack of a better term.)
I had a hard time with that column because Ms. Gallagher brought a hard point to light for me -- she says that human beings should be appreciated for what they are, not what they do. And most of the time I agree. But it makes me think about myself in that situation. I wouldn't want to live my life like Swank's character after the accident. I would probably rather end it too, even though others would argue that I still have contributions to make. But I guess I think about the fact that "what I am" revolves around "what I do." I've worked hard to be where I am in life and if it was all suddenly taken away, I don't know that I would have the drive to reinvent the wheel (or myself).

I am an OT. I am a woman who wants to have a family. I want to be a contributing member of society in a physical way, not just an intellectual one. A spinal cord inury like that would take everything away and I don't think that "what I am" would remain. Simply because I can't do anything anymore.

So when I asked the question, I wondered, does "what you are" really matter? Or is it more of "what you do?"


Beautifully articulated, Dylan. (And Aubrie).

The Finn and I saw the film Saturday night and were very moved. When I woke up on Sunday morning I could "feel" that Pasi was awake and I said "what are you thinking about?" and he said "I'm just thinking about the movie. I'm still so sad." I knew that there was an issue of euthanasia, and so I wasn't so shocked. For people who weren't expecting it, I can't imagine how shocking the moment her neck hit the stool must have been.

I come down, of course, strongly on the side of "if someone wants to end their own life, that should be their right." But what I like about the film is that it has people talking and, better yet, THINKING.

OK, I'm really going to bed now....


I guess I just didn't get this movie. It was boring, and everything Clint Eastwood mumbles is supposed to be profound, but I found it to be rather insipid. I just can't compreheand that this deserves best picture.

I felt the same way about Donnie Darko. Didn't understand the hype or Christ-figure imagery there either.

That's my two cents.

Ms. Q

Thanks for the spoiler! I mean that. I didn't really want to see this movie, but my friends tried to get us to go last weekend. If I took Mr. Q without this knowledge, he would probably never forgive me! He works in hospice and the last thing he wants to see on the weekend is more death no matter what the context.

This is a timely issue today with the Supreme Court hearing the Oregon physician-assisted suicide case.


Alright, lots of comments to address here. I'll go in order received.

Aubrie: I didn't disagree with what you said originally, I strongly disagreed with the article you linked to. I am a strong proponent for euthanasia, under strict regulation. To me, it is a testament to the movie that it can make well-thinking people have deeply thoughtful conversations like this one. One of it's strengths it shows that, just as there are some circumstances in which the right thing to do would be to allow them to take their own life, there are also times when it isn't the right thing to do.

By the way, nice job... your blog is barely a week old and it sent me off on a rant. You are catching on quickly.

Lori: That is exactly right. I was pissed off when I left the movie because Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson had created such a stink over the issues in this movie that it spoiled the emotional impact the movie could have had on me, if I'd seen it uninformed. But the film still had an effect because of the thoughfulness and deliberation it approached the subject with.

Julia: You are not the only one with such a view of "MDB." Read here and here for some other interesting viewpoints.

And you SERIOUSLY need to give Donnie Darko another try. I'm not saying it is a world-changing movie, but if you take the messianic insight away from it and watch it as a time-travel, science-fiction movie, it has a lot more secrets. And this is coming from a guy who's Catholic School/Baptist upbringing makes him automatically try to seek out all scriptural undertones in every movie. Don't believe me? Try getting me talking about Vanilla Sky someday.

Mrs. Q: It is a worthwhile film to see, especially for someone in your husband's position because of the way it handles it. Eastwood's character decides to assist Swank into death, but it really makes it hard to discern if this is the morally correct decision or not.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments on this!


I'll TRY to give Donnie Darko another chance, but *shutter* I honestly disliked it the first go-round.

Go see BRIDE & PREJUDICE everyone! It's super cheese fantastic!!


Hi, I was wondering where the stroyline came from for Millon Dollar Baby. Did it come from a book, was it based on a true story, or did Clint, Eastwood just make it up because he was bored one day.


Perhaps behind in seeing this movie while it was "hot" but after my daughter kept insisting I see it we grabbed a bowl of popcorn and dove in. I see how some people can simply tear this movie apart claiming the political issues. I wish we could all just allow a movie to go beyond great without ripping it apart. This movie was one of the most powerful movies I have even encountered. The ideas that it protrays murder as the ultimate act of love never entered my mind. I found myself so enrathed with the actor as they played their roles and the plot of the movie debating on the hidden messages never came apart of the experence of this movie. I have seen years and years of movies but this one left a mark on my soul.


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