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Dylan, I think this is a good point. Dobson isn't attacking the character so much as how the character has been used. Many of the knee-jerk left responses have simply reinforced the perception of lefties as elitists.


I think you are right, Chuck. It isn't the character he's attacking but the means for spiriting the gay movement. But you know, I can't help but ask myself -- who cares? It's a cartoon for the love of God! The kids watching it have no idea that he's supposedly gay. All they know is he is brightly colored, has a funny voice, and makes them laugh.

For once, could everyone stop turning harmless entertainment meant to make children smile into something sordid?

Hell, if everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and ridicule all questionable children's entertainment, let's talk about He-Man and She-Ra. They looked like sex symbols -- I watched them -- and I turned out fine.


"-- I watched them -- and I turned out fine."

That theory cannot be proven.


I am fine. And my shrink can attest to that fact. :-)

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