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Jack Diederich

Can we expand the war to include so-called "sneer quotes?"
That is another bit of editorializing that lets you know if the author thinks a particular characterization is true or not.


Give me a good example, Jack. I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean by these so-called "sneer quotes."


Although I concur with your assessment of the negative vocal intonation of "so called blog", is it not possible that the talking heads are attempting to define blog as a contraction of the term "web log"?I think it is safe to assume that not everyone is fully wired in to all the latest neologisms. That being said, anyone who says "so called blog" using air quotes should be pulled from the air immediately.
Of greater concern is your choppy grammar and convoluted sentence structure. Your use of "MSM" in paragraph 4 before namimg it "Main Stream Media" in paragraph 5.....
P.S. Another sign of the apocolypse has sufaced with a news report that talks are in progress for"Apprentice,the musical".



1. While you are probably right that not EVERYONE is wired into the true meaning of "blog," I can guarantee that the MSM is. For Chrissakes, it was Time's "Word of the Year!"

2. Perhaps it is YOU who aren't wired in enough. I guarantee that those in the blogosphere (which I still think you should be) knew EXACTLY what I meant by MSM, as it has become the common acronym for the bloggie parlance.

That is all.

Jack Diederich

Quoting a single word requires either a parenthised explanation
"blog" (short for "web log")
or a followup quote
To try to "understand" the blah. Smith said "The path to blah is understanding, not ..."

If you stick quotes around a word that makes perfect sense when bare it gives the impression you, the author, think it is bunk. It has the same effect as leading a word with 'so-called'

'I eat healthy food' means I think I eat healthy food. 'I eat "healthy" food' means I eat food which has a label of "healthy" that I don't agree with.

From the first page of results on google "sneer quotes"
The "capture" of Saddam Hussein is being hailed as a great victory...
The author is talking about Hussein being captured, I don't know what Hussin being "captured" means. This was in an op-ed so it was the author's intent to be snarky. Hence the term "sneer quotes" (aka "scare quotes").

The google results have plenty of examples.


I love me some sneer quotes.

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