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I like your analysis of the debate. I completely agree. If Kerry would stop missing these great oppotunities to catch Bush, he would probably be doing better in the polls.

Heard something great on the radio about the "wood" comment. They said he could never be a radio personality because it takes him too long to come up with witty comebacks. Then they played the clip of him saying "need some wood?" They started a little before the comment and before he says "need some wood" there is this HUGE pause. It was pretty funny.


Kos has some interesting things to say about Dred Scot. Apparently Dred Scot has long been considered by 'wingers to parallel Roe v Wade. So Bush was really promising to appoint people who would overturn RvW, using a code that his "base" would probably understand. Scary.


That is so amazing. I've never realized the connection that is made in conservative code-speak. Thanks Beth!

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